Afro Ride

Aktualno-politična novica
14. 8. 2022 - 13.00

In 12 days from Tomorrow to the 27th of August Sunrise present Afro Ride at Derbi Bar
22 stozice Ljubljana
with Special guests 

 Mc Lohi Ruth Omo Ezomo from Nigerian 
Mamourou Sanou from Bokina faso
Krista from Afro urban show. 

and with that, I welcome you to sunrise Africa on 89.3 mg HZ FM Radio studio

UN says humanitarian agencies face ‘biggest funding gap ever’
Funds are to help 204 million people and communities as armed conflict and climate change threaten their livelihoods.

Somaliland: Clashes between protesters, police turn deadly
At least six were killed after police opened fire on opposition protesters who fear the president's aims to delay the presidential elections.
Clashes between security forces and protesters in the Somaliland region over an alleged attempt to delay the presidential elections have turned deadly, according to a regional leader and a senior police official in Somalia’s breakaway region.

Ethiopia completes the third filling of the Blue Nile mega-dam reservoir
Prime Minister Abiy said at the filling of the dam that the Nile is a gift of God given to us for Ethiopians to make use’.

Calm returns to Sierra Leone as protest death toll rises
At least six protesters and six police officers were killed during anti-gov’t protests in Sierra Leone on Wednesday, according to reports.

In Kenya, pending election results keep the nation in suspense
Two days after Kenya’s closely contested presidential election, official results are still being awaited.

Germany suspends military mission in Mali amid diplomatic tension
The move comes in response to the Malian government’s refusal to give flyover rights to a UN peacekeeping mission.

Germany suspends some military operations in Mali

Germany has suspended most of its military operations in Mali after authorities in Bamako withheld a flight clearance, the German Ministry of Defence announced on Friday.

Berlin has around 1,000 troops deployed in Mali, most of them near the northern town of Gao, where their main task is to gather information for the UN peacekeeping mission, Minusma.

The suspension stands until further notice and is a way for the German authorities to denounce a refusal by the Malian authorities to authorize a flight scheduled for Friday that would have provided a rotation of personnel.

"It is no longer possible to support Minusma operationally, without the new personnel who were to partly replace the French forces who are withdrawing," a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defence said.

In early August, Mali had already withdrawn clearances for German flights over the country but later reversed that decision.

The German decision comes as Mali has been facing a resurgence of attacks and has also pushed out the French force that was helping in the fight against jihadism.

The military-led government has since been intensifying cooperation with Moscow, which led to the deterioration of relations with Paris in recent months.

Relations between Mali and the UN, whose peacekeepers have been in the country since 2013, have also deteriorated in recent weeks.

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