HC/Punk Novosti

13. 9. 2014 - 20.00

V DJ grafitih bomo zajadrali v distorzirane novitete v HC in Punk vode iz vseh vetrov...


Plej lista:

Punch - Personal Space

Punch – Not Sorry

Water torture – Terrorism

AcxDC – Vegangelic

Boddicker – halo of bullets

Iron Lung – shovel

Iron Lung – succession

Iron Lung – scalpel

Pretty Little Flower - Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration

Pretty Little Flower - Pinned Beneath the Flaming Wreckage

Dead Instrument - Streetwalker Crosshairs

Dead Instrument - See Through Negative

Martyrdöd - En Jobbigt Javel

Paranoid - Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse The Circle Of Failure Have Found Me Again

Paranoid - I'm Caught In A Shitstorm And There's No Way Out

Lesion – Noose

Lesion – Exsanguination

Infernöh - Sliten I Stycken

Infernöh - Dödens Väntrum

Nomad – 怒り

Nomad – 拷問

Zyanose - Condemn Racist

Zyanose - Nuke Is Horrendous

System Fucker - Don't Disobey Your Eyes

Razorheads - Creeping Fear

Razorheads - Thick Fog

Hounds of Hate - Axe to Grind

Hounds of Hate – Dime

The Flex - Under The Knife

The Flex - Left To Die

Trap Them - Salted Crypts

Xibalba - Death Threat

Suburban Scum - Refuse to Suffer

Trash Talk - The Hole

Enabler - Sickened By The Wake

Crevesse - Not enough

Deer In The Headlights – Your Heroes are Gone

Remek - Ty Nejsilnější Zdi

Instinct Of Survival - What Will You Do?

Spot - Matthew Webb

Sport - Jacques Mayol

Baton Rouge - Côte du Py

Joyce Manor – Jerk

You Blew It! - My Name Is Jonas

Earth Girls - Who We've Never Met

White Lung - Drown With The Monster

Hysterese - Asperger Youth

Everybody Row - The Sea Inside



PUNCH "Worth More Than Your Opinion" from "They Don't Have To Believe"
ACxDC Santa Ana, CA. 4-11-2014
Iron Lung | Live at The Ferret Preston
Martyrdöd - En Jobbigt Jävel
偏執症者 (Paranoid) - 腐敗と強欲 [w]
Infernöh - The Acheron 2014 (Full Show)
Zyanose - New York's Alright 2014 (Full Show)
Razorheads - New York's Alright 2014 (Full Show)
Hounds of Hate - The Acheron 2014
Deer In The Headlights - Roomate (Live, antifa fest u Mostaru)
REMEK - malé kousky svobody (little pieces of freedom) live @ Fluff Fest 2014 / Happy Birthday Honza
Sport - Barcelona 1992 + Eric Tabarly - Fluff Fest 2014
White Lung - Saint Vitus 2014

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