18. 3. 2016 - 20.00


"I am a living, breathing organism signified by the words ‘human being’. I am a material or physical being fairly recognisable over time to me and to others: I am a body. Through my body, I can move, touch, see, hear, taste and smell. The array of physical sensations available to me also includes pain, hunger, thirst, tiredness, injury, sickness, fear, apprehension and pleasure. In this way I experience myself, others and the world around me. However, there is another aspect of me not directly visible or definable. This is the aspect of me which thinks and feels, reflects and judges, remembers and anticipates. Words used to describe this aspect include ‘mind’, ‘spirit’, ‘heart’, ‘soul’, ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’. This part of me is aware that I can never be fully known or understood by myself or by others; it notices that although there may be some unchanging essence which is ‘me’, this same ‘me’ is also constantly changing and evolving.

So I am a physical body and an emotional and psychological (or spiritual) being. The two together make me a person. Being a person means that I have virtues and flaws, gifts and needs, possibilities and defeats. I am basically good, but I am capable of evil. I am neither an angel nor a monster. Being a person means that I am a social animal, needing connection, recognition and acceptance from others, while simultaneously knowing myself as isolated and solitary, with many experiences which are never fully shareable with others. However, I also realise that this paradoxical condition is a universal experience, and this enables the emergence of empathy and compassion for others as it affords glimpses of understanding and solicitude, mutuality and intimacy. Being a person means that I am like all other persons, but also unique. It also means that I can never provide a genuinely definitive answer to the question."


Secret Boyfriend- Little Jammy Centre

DJ Fett Burger- Burger Trip Original

Mr. Fingers- Nodyahed

Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound- Untitled

Dorisburg- Kassiopeia

Kowton- Sleep Chamber

Shamos- Training Day

Hazylujah- In Sex

Bookworms- Showering 

Raw Silver - Horse I

Kowton- Shots Fired

joeFarr- Crunk

Nurve- Cabana

Paul Woolford- No Requests (Special Request Fantasy FM Mix)

Ploy- Sala One Five

Kowton- Balance


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Kva je to zdej zdej

... sm spisal playlisto. Ugibam, da je bil JoeFarr

To je to ja

ta gif

... tko čez lajf.

Koraki al kva



v navezavi na hud gif --- zanimivo je, kakor mi je nekoč zaupal modrec, da urejenost cestnega prometa v delu vzhodne hemisfere močno odstopa od zahodnih standardov reda. sistemi, ki so veliko bolj kaotični, imajo svoj način funkcionalnosti. pešec v prometu je veliko bolj "a rock in the stream" kot pa tisti, ki čaka na semafor. ceste so sistemski eksponati etike - to med vožnjo izvajamo vsak dan. in če misliš dovolj globoko je razsežnost tega eksponata med matematiko/geometrijo gibanja in subjektivističnimi aspekti - res neverjetna ... check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Love this


Any more of that crypto-speak, Anonymous? Love that shit!

Ni tok crypto.
Ubistvu je right into your face.

sam to

gotta bring the 10$ words, right?

Ne sme da zafali


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