Spirit Of Repetition

17. 6. 2013 - 21.00



''There were two good friends, Chokei and Hofuku. They were talking about the Bodhisattva's way, and Chokei said, ''Even if the arhat (an enlightened one) were to have evil desires, still the Tathagata (Buddha) does not have two kinds of words. I say that the Tathagata has words, but no dualistic words.'' Hofuku said, ''Even though you say so, your comment is not perfect.'' Chokei asked, ''What is your understanding of the Tathagata's words?'' Hofuku said, ''We have had enough discussion, so let's have a cup of tea!'' Hofuku did not give his friend an answer, because it is impossible to give a verbal interpretation of our way. Nevertheless, as a part of their practice these two good friends discussed the Boddhisattva's way, even though they did not expect to find a new interpretation. So Hofuku answered, ''Our discussion is over. Let's have a cup of tea!''

That is a very good answer, isn't it? It is the same for my talk – when my talk is over, your listening is over. There is no need to remember what I say; there is no need to understand what I say. You understand; you have full understanding within yourself. There is no problem.''

Shunryū Suzuki: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

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Fucking hudo. Svaka čast, res. Čimprej daj gor, prosim, enkrat ni noben krat.

Kdaj bo nova oddaja ne netu? En komad me muci :-)

ne bo je, ker je bila stran offline. kateri komad imas v mislih? lpd


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