The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears.

27. 4. 2018 - 21.00

"Everybody, everybody everywhere, has his own movie going, his own scenario, and everybody is acting his movie out like mad, only most people don’t know that is what they’re trapped by, their little script."

Daniel Avery- First Light

Franz Scala- One Way Love (Italo Version)

Some Chemistry- The Tofu Drama

Pletnev- Her Cruel Smile

LK- Track A

Kink- Diversion

Daniel Avery- Sensation

Daniel Avery- Diminuendo

DJ Deep- Chord Kids

Junior Boys- Work (Marcel Dettmann Mix)

The Egyptian Lover- Planet E (Re-Mix)

Jensen Interceptor- Bubble Boy

Banke- Totem

Surgeon- The Source

Daniel Avery- TBW17

Daniel Avery- Endnote


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... and the scripts with years passing become their habits, something that they terribly cling to in order to secure the shape of their face and the steps of their shoes ...

... and sometimes the future is all about clouds passing and observing ... and feeding the birds ... while jumping with your dog all around the sky ... sometimes people just lie too badly to really believe them and to waste time ... anyway ... forest is still green ... and the rivers still have the same sound and shape of seducing ... sometimes this is all what still makes sense for 27.4. day

Is no future

The time is now .

People are people. mixing them up with your understanding and feelings toward.them wont change that fact.

it is worthless. you can only draw.

the time has passed. the words are like balloons. it is over. the radiation is too strong.

What you make of them.

Time never stops never ends. Things do. They are what you make of them.

not really. each human makes of him or her-self what she or he wants. each human also hears what he or she wants. mis-understanding today is like a prerequisite of common language. this is also why borders fell long time ago. you chose a soul-mate according to the sub-conscious language you speak together (it is not about words, or body language - it is about third level of potential of becoming), you do not choose people according to the colour of their skin or origin of birth. some people are born the same year, but they live 1.000 millions miles away from you. some people are 10 years younger but you speak the same language. time is timeless. indeed.

Can not be chosen. We indeed all are soulmates in someway. Motivation and free will are those which either keep us 1000 000 000 miles apart or jmake us feel like we speak common language.
You could have known reflection of your soul in other person, the ultimate companion but never really allowed them to be besides you, sub or consciously. Because in the end 'each human also hears what he or she wants. mis-understanding today is like a prerequisite of common language'.


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