12. 8. 2022 – 20.00

There’s something laughable about this

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Vir: Lastni vir

"So much of the language that surrounds us - from things like economics, management theory, and the algorithms built into computer systems - appears to be objective and neutral. But in fact, it is loaded with powerful, and very debatable, political assumptions about how society should work and what human beings are really like."


Tetsu Umehara- Pruina

Patrick Conway- Spring Sonnet

Leon Vynehall- Endless (I)

O-Wells- Rhytim 

Jon Sable - Endorphin Loops

Alessandro Adriani- Abductio Ab Nihilo

Gary Gritness- Sodium Sulfur

Tristan Arp x Kellen303- Entangled Beings

Fossil Archive- The Heights of Metropolis

Sons of Slough- Snares and Temptations

Fergus Sweetland- Dry Punch

Maara- Take the Wheel Miss Sweetie

Coe- Spin Cycle

Yuzo Iwata- Sundance

Carl Finlow- Emitter

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