Poročilo s konference Occupied! Music

Poročilo s konference Occupied! Music

11. 6. 2016 - 22.00

In the times of privatization, regulation and bureaucratization, the main problem, regarding activities related to music, is who controls music in terms of its digital sharing, international free-trade and diminishing power of society in shrinking nation-states.

Popular music is a contested field, occupied by many different agents, not only musicians and audiences. It is integral part of existing (super)structures and power relations. Nation states still define the basic social environment for production, reproduction and the development of popular music. They define internal markets and provide regulations of its production. Within transnational alliances, as, e.g., European Union, common regulations additionally shape not only popular music markets, but basic activities and infrastructure in which it is being shaped: from music schools and public music venues to private venues, distribution channels and legislation regarding copyright and media.

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