9. 5. 2015 - 11.05

... "The unexpected siren sound of Pocket Pussy comes back just a little later with the crazy waves of Body Control. Lube Money crackles like a broken motor before Sweatpants Chick takes off with a strangely nervous groove, straight and reckless at the same time. When you hear the devilish compressors of Fruit, booming way too fast, you know the party’s over." 

01. Lakker - Echtrae
02. Lakker - Three Songs
03. Low Jack - Fubu Knight
04. Perfume Advert - Test Pattern Generator
05. Archie Pelago - Memos [OFF-Peak OST / OFF Peak Game]
06. Horsedreamer - Mexico
07. Seven Davis Jr - Sunday Morning
08. Sally Dige - Hard To Please
09. Annabel (Lee) - Breathe Us
10. Annabel (Lee) - Believe
11. Débruit - Separated Together


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