Okrogla miza, intervju ali pogovor
28. 1. 2016 - 21.30

Richard Foster je glasbeni novinar, založnik in muzikant. Bil je glavni urednik revije Incendiary, redno piše za The Quietus, Louder than War, Vice (Noisey), True Faith, Luifabriek in Sounds XP. Je soustanovitelj nizozemske “eksistencialistično nesmiselne” založbe Smikkelbaard in vodi klubske večere AA v Leidnu. Raziskuje nizozemska post-punk in punk gibanja. 

"...music journalism is by its nature an odd profession, and attracts many odd and fragile people. I wouldn’t dispute that. I think you have to embrace the oddness of a situation where you expend a lot of time, energy and effort in getting to the bottom of a subject that is, by its nature, ephemeral and often seen as valueless. 1500 words squeezed out of your cranium, and then meticulously rewritten and edited, for a record made by a bunch of half-arsed twentysomething hobbyists that goes on to sell fifty copies and only read by your mates? Well, why not? However I will say this. The inherent oddness, the feeling of the utter futility of it all, need not be a bad thing. In fact it is essential. In another book (a very, very “wyrd” one, The White Goddess) Robert Graves made the distinction between court poets and gleemen. Gleemen were the village jesters working on the fringes and living by their wits, in contrast to the court poets, there to reflect the majesty of their employers. Good rock journalism has the gleeman element at its very core and rock journalists should recognise and embrace their role. The trickster, the shyster, the village entertainer. That’s what we do. Conjure up ephemeral, brightly burning squibs and firecrackers that blaze in the night air, only watch them splutter and die. Then we light the next one."


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