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30. 3. 2017 - 21.30



"The Echtzeitmusik scene is a contemporary music scene that emerged in Berlin in the mid-1990s. Far removed from ―official culture, the scene was for a long time hidden in the basements and backyard spaces of (former) squats (cf. Gottstein 2010), where only a relatively small circle of musicians and the occasional listener were engaged in what seemed like quite an unusual musical practice. For the most part, the music was improvised and highly experimental in approach, although it did undergo transformations over time: at first free and unrestrained, it entered a barely audible, highly reflected upon phase, very often quiet but noise-like, before emerging in the richly detailed and eclectic form found today. Also, what began as a small, homogenous, comprehensible and locatable community of musicians evolved into a broad and musically diverse scene stretching across several Berlin districts in small, often temporary venues. The sense of community and commonality, as well as identification with the term Echtzeitmusik and the ideas it stood for, would also change in form and degree over the ensuing years."

Vir (izjemen tekst): Echtzeitmusik. The social and discursive contexts of a contemporary music scene 


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