The One

The One

25. 9. 2019 - 20.00

A FRIENDS poem by Akshata Shenoy

A purple door with a yellow frame,
Flooding in altogether the memories came.
From 'the one where it all began' upto 'the last one'
It was all tremendous fun.
I laughed, i cried.
To be like them, immensely I tried!
I wish I could sing like Phoebe,
Though she sounded a little creepy!
Look like Rachel,love like Ross
And cook like Monica, the lady boss
With Chandler being all sarcastic and punny,
I wish i could be half as funny.

Joey, the biggest teddy bear;
His 'how you doin?' was magical, i swear
Through all 10 seasons and 236 episodes
I learnt how to walk through life's tough roads.
6 loving friends who had a lot to give
Taught me to love and most impotantly to 'live'.
Joey,Phoebe,Ross,Rachel,Monica and Chandler,
The immortal characters live forever n ever
Flooding in altogether the memories came,
The purple door with the yellow frame.

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