2. prelet: Sailor_log

12. 10. 2020 - 23.00

Jesensko sezono smo otvorili z zvočnimi deli ustvarjalcev, ujetih med kratkim preletom Ljubljane. Zgodba dveh mornarjev* v mimoplovu je naslednja, z radijskim delom se bosta predstavila Caroline Beach in Ernst Markus Stein, ki sta kot rezidenta preživela v Ljubljani letošnji avgust.

* sailor is one person or two, sailor can be a community or the object you really like a lot, sailor's entity has multiple heads. being a sailor is an identification game & not so much having a boat.

Sailor_log: the third ocean was and is a research by Caroline Beach and Ernst Markus Stein conducted on the precarious waters of contemporary performance this time in Ljubljana, Slovenia
with the support of Tanzpakt, En-Knap Dance Company, Španski borci and Hellerau.

Instead of trying to find a common language, we tried as much as possible to let our impulses and outputs meet each other head on.The result is not a harmonious output but an organism where dissonance is given a seat at the table. The individual elements are still visible but the accumulation is new, a new language: let's call these languages third languages.

In order to write these third languages we practiced a kind of radical sampling.

Radical sampling is a pretty non-hierarchical process. In this piece we are both Sailor, both separately and together. One Sailor finds instruments important in order to build imaginary landscapes that perform basic emotions and movements, adding body to a skeleton. The other Sailor is more concerned with discovering the body of space itself, cutting off various heads and hands in order to dissolve the state. But in both cases, the image loses its body and approaches death. We found ourselves in a radio station in outer space that never plays Sailor’s favorite song.

In a radiostation everything is possible. In the broadcast for Radio Študent they are revisiting the leftovers or better to they language wrecks of the 3rd languages and translate them and their physical aspect into the aether. 

Its not exactly a telephone call, its a message. 



Noitu aka Sašo Puckovski se predstavlja z novim radijskim delom
 / 9. 11. 2020

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