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How old should a child be to attend the circus?

I am a nanny for a child who will be turning 3 in February. I would like to take him to the circus. I haven't gone since I was a child, so I can't remember exactly what it is like. Do you think 3 years old is too young for the circus?! For the most part, he is a great kid. He has a fairly good attention spand...he can sit and listen to books for a good amount of time. Anyone with experience taking kids to the circus, please give me some advice! Is he too young?

Circus performers have a better outlook in today's society than most jobs – and you get to do what you love for a living? Where can you sign up? If you're working on a skill that you're willing to dedicate your life to, your name could be the next big act. It's best to start right now, because you've got a wild ride ahead of you.

1.) Most of the animals used in circuses were captured from the wild  and taken from their natural habitats. Some babies are born on breeding farms and stolen from their mothers.

Start honing a skill. Circuses have many different acts – and that opens up many different jobs. What’s more, there’s different types of circuses, creating even more opportunities. In order to join a circus, you will need one or more specific skills or talents that a circus would find valuable. This might be Silk aerials, trapeze, acrobatics, juggling, trampolining, tightrope, diabolo, clowning, stilt walking, or anything else remarkable and unique. Most circus work is very strenuous, and you will not be able to learn a skill overnight. It will take dedication, commitment, and practice to become stage ready.

I would take a 3 year old. It would be a lot of fun for both you and the child.

If performing isn’t your thing but you still love the thrill a circus brings, there are lots of jobs in circuses that don't require acrobatics or strenuous physical activities. You could work backstage, with costumes, with animals, or set design and production. However, for the purpose of this article, we will be concentrating on circus performers.

4.) Most elephants live their entire lives in the circus and then die in the circus. Ringling has four elephants who have spent 43 miserable years in their possession.

Be fit and in shape. Most circus acts, while they look easy and flawless, often need months of practicing and working out before getting it to look right and before it becomes physically safe to do. If you're doing acrobatics, aerials or anything similar, you will need to be very flexible and know how to rely on your body. For trapeze and similar acts, you'll need a lot of upper body strength to keep yourself up and swinging. Most acts will result in the performers getting injured at one point or another; the stronger your body is, the more it can take it.

If you're doing something like clowning or juggling, you won't need to be in marathon-running shape, but you'll need to at least be fit enough to do things quickly, or, for example, to keep your arms up and juggling.

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Think about what kind of gig you want. There are circus performers that don't work for a single circus, but instead audition to be part of a show, like an actor does for different movies. They don't need to stick with just one company, but can be part of their shows anyway for a select period of time. Alternatively, you might want to be part of an official circus. You'll need to constantly be able to perform, and constantly be doing your best, so you can remain in your circus, too. There are ups and downs to every argument – it’ll come down to a matter of personal preference.

yes that is a good age as long as he minds you well. taking himm would be a great birthday present and he should have alot of fun.

Do you want to work for something like Cirque du Soleil? Something more traditional, like Barnum & Bailey’s? Would you rather do something on a smaller level, like performing at fairs and festivals? Ultimately, it’s up to you. Just remember that with bigger gigs and more glory comes more responsibility and commitment, too.

5.) Elephants and Big Cats are chained inside unsanitary and poorly ventilated boxcars for up to 26 hours straight. When the circus is traveling they can be forced to stay in the boxcars for up to 60- 70 hours straight.

Create the basics of an act. Before attempting to find a circus that will take you on, you'll need to have an act ready to pitch to your potential employers. Having a background in dance, gymnastics, or something similar really helps, but isn't necessary. This way you have a developed routine that you can bust out at the drop of a hat.

This will essentially be a job. You'll need to find a coach, get the right equipment (for safety, for example), and set aside time each day to be the best in your field. This has to be a priority to be on circus-level.


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