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How to Look Clean and Fresh for School

Do you want to know how to be clean and fresh for school? Whether you're in elementary, middle, or high school you need to be clean and fresh! This article may help!

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Shower every night or morning. Use a fresh clean scented body wash and not anything too musky or overpowering. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly and use a lightweight shampoo that best suits your hair type. Condition 3-4 times a week so your hair does not get oily. Afterwards, brush your hair with a wide tooth comb so you don't split your hair. Avoid using a lot of
Clean out your office and other places where you spend hours of time a day.
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How can I jump start my day?
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How do I make my face fresh when it sweats in school?
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Community Answer
Rub your face gently using a handkerchief to get the sweat off. Then, wash your face with cold water and soap. Afterwards, apply baby powder in order to look and feel fresh.
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How can I keep this smell all day long?


8. Discuss Your Hopes and Dreams
It’s likely that when you were dating, you talked about your hopes and dreams. However, over time, those sorts of conversations can fall by the wayside. Set time aside to continue to discuss your dreams for the future and support one another in making those dreams a reality.

9. Ask Meaningful Questions
The types of questions people ask one another often change over time. Questions such as, “What was your life like when you were growing up?” often get replaced with questions like, “What do you want for dinner?” Ask meaningful questions about your partner’s past, thoughts on current events, and feelings about a variety of topics. Try to get past superficial day-to-day conversations and dive deeper.

10. Greet One Another with Excitement


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Community Answer
If you are wearing perfume and want it to last longer, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the areas you would normally put your perfume and then just spray the perfume as you would
To look fresh and clean, it's important to groom yourself in that manner. Brush your teeth twice every day with a minty fresh toothpaste. Painting your nails is another way to express yourself! Think outside the box when you choose your color! Hair should either be tied up and hanging with bangs,or you can leave it open with layers. For a preppy clean look use a bow to tie your hair. It also gives any outfit a clean finish.
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How to Stay Fresh
1Starting the Day Fresh
2Freshening Up On the Go


3. Schedule Regular Date Nights
Most couples go on dates regularly during the initial phase of their relationship. However, going out to dinner often gets traded in for sitting on the couch. As a result, the relationship can become a little dull. Schedule regular date nights so you can spend quality time together as a couple.

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How can I still feel fresh in the morning even though I shower at night?
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Community Answer
You could just quickly wash your body in the morning with some soap and water. If you don't want to get your hair wet, you could pin it up or wear a shower cap.
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How can I look fresh and attractive at school?
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Community Answer
Take daily showers, wear deodorant, wear clean clothes, brush or comb your hair, and brush your teeth every morning.
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products in your hair. It can make your hair look greasy and even oily.
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Don’t neglect your personal spaces. If your bedroom, car, and other places where you hang out aren’t clean, it’s going to affect the way you smell and look. For example, if you have a messy bedroom and never hang up your clothes, they might smell a little stale and look wrinkled. Here’s what you can do:
Put away clean laundry right away, and keep dirty laundry in a closed hamper.
Vacuum often, especially if you have a pet.
Clean out the inside of your car.
Wear deodorant. Did you know that 2 percent of the population doesn’t have the gene that causes body odor?[1] Those lucky people don’t need to use deodorant, but the rest of us use it to prevent body odor from becoming too strong during the day. Apply deodorant after you get out of the shower.
If you tend to sweat a lot, you might want to use a combination deodorant and antiperspirant to keep you dry. Use it with caution, though: in recent years there have been claims that the aluminum in antiperspirant could lead to breast cancer. Experts say these claims are unfounded, but it's worth looking into if you're going to use it on your body every day.[2]
Using all-natural deodorant sticks or rocks is trendy, but many find that it wears off after a few hours. The exception might be homemade coconut oil deodorant cream, which quickly absorbs into the skin and keeps you dry and fresh. To make it, just blend 6 tablespoons (88.7 ml) of coconut oil with 4 tablespoons (59.1 ml) of baking powder and 4 tablespoons (59.1 ml) of cornstarch. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and apply it by rubbing a little into your armpits.[3]
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Use body powder to absorb moisture. If your skin tends to feel a little oily or sweaty as the day progresses, try applying body powder after your dry off from your morning shower. It absorbs extra moisture, keeping you feeling fresh. You can bring a small bottle of powder with you so you can reapply during the day.

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Take care of your feet. If you’re worried about your feet sweating or smelling, take extra care to wash, dry and powder them every morning. Wear shoes that are appropriate for the day’s weather. If you wear heavy boots in the summer, your feet are going to sweat, which leads to odor and an unfresh feeling. Whenever possible, wear a pair of socks to absorb extra moisture.
Have a separate pair of shoes for working out. Don't wear the tennis shoes you use at the gym when you're hanging out with friends, because the dried sweat on your workout shoes could cause your feet to smell.
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After showering, use a good body lotion that fits your skin type. Avoid anything scented because it usually irritates the skin. Use a facial moisturizer for your face. I stress this so much because body lotion is so much greasier than facial lotion. Facial lotion could prevent breakouts and oily skin better than body lotion.
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Be prepared in case your period starts. There’s nothing worse than having your period start in the middle of the day when you don’t have access to a drugstore. Think ahead and pack everything you need to keep yourself fresh during your period. Have enough tampons or pads so that you can change them every few hours.
Avoid using douches or perfume sprays to keep yourself fresh. The chemicals in these products can actually lead to yeast infections, which will just make matters worse. Instead, wash with warm water or use an unscented cleansing wipe to freshen up.
Knowing What Not to Do
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Avoid dousing yourself in perfume or cologne. Using a light application of perfume or cologne on your pulse points makes you smell fresh. However, spraying loads of it on mid-day to mask the smell of sweat is not a good idea. You’ll make matters worse if you try to cover up unfresh smells with strong floral or earthy scents. It’s better to find a way to take a quick shower or use cleansing wipes if you don’t have time.
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Stay away from strong-smelling foods. If you tend to get bad breath after eating onions, or your skin smells like garlic a few hours after consuming spaghetti sauce, choose what you eat a little more carefully. Stick with lighter foods like salads, fruits and vegetables, especially on days when staying fresh is a priority. Eating these foods has the added benefit of keeping body odor to a minimum.[4]
Know which foods give you indigestion, too. Common culprits are beans, greasy foods and cruciferous vegetables.

I don't have deodorant sticks, and they are not allowed in school. How can I stay fresh in school?
Community Answer
Community Answer
Use baby powder instead.
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7. Establish Goals Together
Create some goals that you can work on together as a couple. It may include a financial goal, such as saving a certain amount of money to go to on a vacation. Or, it could include a fitness goal, such as running a half marathon together. Working toward your goals can help you feel like a team and gives you new things to talk about and do together.
The way you greet one another after being apart can set the tone for the rest of the day. Changing small habits, such as the way you greet your partner when they get home, can be key to a lasting relationship. Greet your partner at the door with a hug and a kiss and express your joy at being together again. This can start things off on the right foot and set you on the path to reconnect after being apart.

Apply it to areas that tend to feel less than fresh, like your feet, armpits and so on.
You can use baby powder or make your own body powder by simply mixing together cornstarch and your favorite essential oils.
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Wear breathable fabrics. Lucky for us, polyester went the way of cassette tapes several decades ago. The synthetic fabric was known for being itchy and uncomfortable because it wasn’t made out of natural, breathable fibers like cotton or even wool. Although thick, heavy polyester isn't commonly found these days, there are other synthetic fabrics that have a similar effect. When you wear airtight fabrics that don’t allow fresh air to circulate near your skin, you can end up sweating and feeling sticky.
Check your wardrobe for synthetic fabrics that might not be allowing your skin to breathe. Make an effort to wear more cotton and other natural fibers.
Another way to stay fresh is to layer your clothes so you can change things up to suit the temperature. Instead of wearing a thick sweater to work and feeling hot later, try wearing a blouse with a cardigan that you can remove or put back on.How do I maintain my clean and fresh look if I tend to sweat a lot?
Community Answer
Community Answer


Seek instead dark holes fronting unknown depths that beckon and scare us the most.

The best such entrances lead deeper into yourself.

I read this fantastic tip on Reddit that encapsulates this well:

The way you see the world is what makes your stories different. We all use the same building blocks. We all have the same materials to work with. But none of us see the world exactly the same.

There are pads that can absorb sweat in areas like your armpits. Otherwise, keep a shirt for changing. Also, try to avoid matte fabrics, on which sweat will be more visible. Light colours are ideal, but they can get yellow stains from sweat, so be careful and wash them with appropriate detergent.
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How can I keep fresh at my school?
Community Answer
Community Answer
All you have to do is shower and the morning and bring some deodorant, a brush, and travel size mouthwash in your backpack so you can go to the bathroom during the day and freshen up whenever you need too.

Makeup should never be caked on. Bare Minerals or any other mineral cover up is perfect for a fresh faced look, but don't cover your whole face, only the parts where you have any blemishes or dark circles. A little brown eyeliner and light mascara is enough makeup. If you must use a little blush on the cheeks, it is up to you.
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Clothing should be clean cut and never dirty. Colors are usually pastel and light. Jeans and a pretty top with cute ballet flats are perfect for a clean look.
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10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting And Fresh
Amy Morin
A psychotherapist, psychology instructor, keynote speaker, and the author of the bestselling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do Read full profile Share
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When you’re apart, send romantic text messages to one another. This can build anticipation for when you’ll see each other again. Use texting to send short messages of love, admiration, and encouragement. Don’t be afraid to send some sexy text messages to spice things up. It is a simple and easy way to keep the romance in your relationship.
Participating in a new activity together can keep the relationship exciting. Take a Chinese cooking class, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or take golf lessons together. A willingness to learn something new can help you grow together as a couple.

It’s hard to find those beliefs that you hold, to see that you do view the world differently than other people, because you don’t think about it. You are you, and you just live your life like normal every day.

But look at all the things you’ve created. And if you haven’t created anything yet, start. Right now.

You can analyze your own stuff to see the things that you do. Maybe you notice that, wow…all of these people are really anti-religion. I never noticed.

Ask yourself questions, get to the bottom of your own thoughts. Don’t be afraid to get really close to the things that hurt you and scare you and gross you out. Definitely don’t be afraid to get close to the things that make you happy and excited.

Dan Harmon has the theory that every story is a “trip to the basement” — the basement being the subconsci

6. Spend Time with Other Couples
Spending time with couples who have healthy relationships can be good for you. Look for couples who share your values and who have a strong relationship. It can help reinforce the importance of commitment and help remind you to keep the relationship exciting.


Use a body mist in a clean scent. Only use a little perfume,otherwise it's overpowering for school.
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Have a good clean attitude about life; always be happy and bubbly!a


4. Verbalize Your Loving Feelings
Don’t forget to use your words to express your feelings. Sometimes people forget all those mushy things they used to say to one another once the relationship matures. Say, “I love you,” often and don’t shy away from words that truly express how you feel.

5. Try Something New Together


Shower in the morning and then apply deodorant once you have fully dried your body with a towel. Afterwards, brush your teeth really well.
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How do I keep my feet fresh when they sweat?
Community Answer
Community Answer
Wash them regularly. If that doesn't help, put damp tea bags in your shoes overnight to deodorize. Wearing socks also may help with sweat. If none of these help, and you are sweating for no reason, consult your doctor to make sure your feet are functioning properly.
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3Knowing What Not to Do
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Smelling good and feeling clean from the time you wake up in the morning until you get home at night is easier said than done. If you have to rush from place to place during the day or the weather isn’t cooperating, it can be difficult to stay fresh on the go. But when you start with the right routine, bring a few essentials with you and take time to freshen up every few hours, you can keep that fresh, just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling all day long.

How Do You Keep Things Fresh For Your Players?
RPT GM Mark Ariesen asks this tricky question and my answer goes down a dark path. Here’s his question:

How do you keep things fresh for your players year-in-year out, when they have seen it all and done it all?

So for me? I make everything personal. Personal to me. Every encounter, every location, every trope is me.ous brain. If you don’t make frequent trips down there, the things that dwell down there get rowdy and cause trouble for the rest of the “house.”

The easiest (and the hardest) way to keep things fresh for your players is to give more of yourself.

Always be learning. Always be experimenting. And always be creating. A dynamic self brought to the table means endless new discoveries for both you and your players.

Starting the Day Fresh
Image titled Stay Fresh Step 1

The excitement that stems from a new relationship can make you feel on top of the world. As the newness wears off, the relationship can feel like it’s growing stale. You aren’t doomed to remain in a dull and boring relationship, however. There are some steps you can take to keep a mature relationship fresh and exciting.

1. Keep the Element of Surprise Alive
Surprise your partner from time to time in a variety of ways. Arrive home with a small gift, cook your partner’s favorite meal or book a surprise weekend getaway. These types of surprises will keep the excitement alive and prevent you from getting stuck in a relationship rut.

2. Send Romantic Text Messages

Jump in the shower. To stay fresh, start your day by cleansing your body. Your unique body chemistry will determine how often you need to bathe. Many people take a shower every morning, but if you play sports or live in a really humid climate, twice a day might help you stay fresher. If you live in a temperate place and your skin is on the dry side, every other day might be best. No matter what, aim to bathe often enough that you smell good and feel clean.
Being clean doesn't necessarily mean using the harshest cleanser possible. Use a soap that's good for your skin type and doesn't dry it out too much. Choose a body wash or bar soap that's gentle enough for everyday use.Spicy foods may make you sweat more than usual.
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normally. This should keep you smelling fresh all day long.
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Do you recommend changing clothes when I get home from a hot and sweaty day at school?
Community Answer

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Change your clothes if necessary. If you’re physically active during the day, you might want to bring a few essential backup items you can change into. That way you won't have to deal with that icky feeling that comes late in the day when you've been wearing the same thing since 8 am. You could even keep a tote bag in your car with a few items so you’ll never be without them when you leave home. Consider bringing along the following:
A change of socks
A clean undershirt
A pair of clean underwear
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Freshen up your hair. Wind, rain, and general rushing around can mess up your hair and leave it limp by midday. Bring a comb or brush with you so you’ll always be able to fix your hair if you need to. You may also want to bring a small bottle of hair spray or gel to help it stay neatly in place.
If your hair tends to look a little greasy by mid-day, try dry shampoo. You just sprinkle a little on the spots that look greasy, let the powder sit for a few minutes, then brush it out.
Another trick is to put your hair up into a bun or ponytail to instantly give yourself a fresh new style for the remainder of the day.
Image titled Stay Fresh Step 9
Use sanitary wipes to quickly cleanse yourself. This might be helpful if you’re in a humid climate and don’t have time for a second shower. Be sure to use unscented wipes, since the scented kind has a strong smell. Wipe where necessary, then reapply deodorant and you’re good to go.
Image titled Stay Fresh Step 10
Brush your teeth after lunch. If you tend to feel less than fresh after lunch, start bringing along a travel toothbrush and toothpaste so you can quickly clean your mouth and feel better right away. A travel-sized bottle of mouthwash is also handy to bring. And when you don't have these items handy, you can always pop a breath mint or a piece of peppermint gum.
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Wash your face and neck with a facial cleanser. Make sure it's right for your skin type and that you're not allergic to anything in it.
Image titled Look Clean and Fresh for School Step 3


Community Answer
Yes! You will feel cleaner and fresher. You could even hop in the shower just to rinse off if you wanted.
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While taking a shower most days is recommended, you may want to wash your hair less often. Washing your hair every day can dry it out and ultimately damage it, since it strips your hair's natural oils. To stay fresh on the days when you don't wash your hair, consider using a little dry shampoo. It's a powder that absorbs oil and makes your hair look and feel clean.
Image titled Stay Fresh Step 2

One easy way to do this is design your own stuff. Build your own adventures, plots, monsters, rewards, NPCs.

When you control the creativity of the game’s content you control the amount of tropes, cliches, and in-the-box thinking that become gameplay.

On the surface, we can merely tweak things to provide unexpected player experiences. Green goblin spear chuckers become blue cannibals lofting femur missiles.

But we need to go deeper.

Avoid shallow caves already looted by lazy adventurers.

Keep your breath fresh, too. The best way to keep your breath smelling good is to have proper dental hygiene. Floss once a day and brush your teeth in the morning and at night using a toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association. Be sure to see a dentist every six months for a deeper cleaning to remove the buildup of tartar, which can lead to bad breath and more severe dental problems.
Using mouthwash is a good way to combat bad breath. Rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash a few times a day to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.
Drink water often. Aside from brushing your teeth, there's no quicker or better trick for freshening your mouth. Having a drink of water rinses away food particles that can build up in your mouth and cause bad breath.
Freshening Up On the Go

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