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30. 6. 2002 - 21.00

V nedeljo, 30. junija 2002, od 21.30 do 24.00.
Od Internacionale in izganjalstva do sufizma – v Idealnih zvokih brez razloga. Ura, ko je jutri blizu, pa pleše Idealni raks šarki in ghawazi.
Anywhere out of this world

For how long will Justice be muted?
Zionist war against Palestinian Children

By Ghufran Amin

Every time a bomb explodes, a bullet fires, a shrapnel of artillery shell splits to small pieces children’s eyes freeze in deep terror, their hands jerk clutching their mother’s seeking security. But this time the weapon is like no other, a new technique of death that deceived their innocence and revealed the Jewish terrorism.

Poisoned Chocolates and Explosive Toys

In may 2001 the Zionist forces in their continuous attempts to kill began according to the Palestinian sources dropping anti- personnel objects in the form of poisoned chocolates, explosive toys, pens and radios.

It is believed that such objects were spread in North Gaza strip, Ramallah, Nablus and more intensively where there are schools. According to Dr Mo’away Hasneen, director of emergency ward of Shifa hospital in Gaza, four patients who were received were poisoned after touching the candy bars. “Straight after the children checked and smelt the packages full of chocolates and candy, they felt pain in their stomach and started vomiting. The chocolate and candy were tested in the lab and the result showed that they contained poisonous materials, which has the smell of coconut,” said Dr Hasneen. 

This adds to the Israeli’s series of endless crimes, which aims to end Palestine’s future by killing the children who bridge every society to a glorious tomorrow. It seems that the Israelis are obsessed with terrorism, a week before the chocolate incidents Professor Subhi Shalah, chairman of the Arab Council for medicine and technology, reported that there has been several cases of cancerous diseases, heart disorders, paralysis, blindness. According to him the rise of these diseases is due to insecticides being dumped into Palestinian soils.

Toxic Waste
This has been confirmed by the Western Agencies (Reuters) who reported that the Jewish companies deliberately dumb their toxic chemical wastes near Palestinian villages e.g. Azzun, Qalqilya and Tulkarm. As Khalil Marwan explained that about 8,000 residents of Azzun are constantly breathing toxic fumes who constantly complain from the itchy eyes and throats and other deplorable health conditions. 

Zionist barbarism is evident and declared by many Jewish people who witnessed their own forces brutalising the Palestinians. An ex IDF officer said to the Jewish daily Haaretz in January 2001: “ I was shocked to see IDF soliders dragging a bleeding young Palestinian in the streets of Hebron. The shocking image showed our soldiers as sadist who rejoice over the killing of a young man, and drag his body to our settlers to rejoice, dance, exchange candy and kick the not-yet dead body. It reminds me of cheetahs and hyenas, which kill and drag their prey. The problem is that these animals kill to survive. Our soldiers kill to maintain the occupation, an apartheid system”. 

Children infected with Aids

Many other Jewish Rabbis have maintained a strong opposition to the establishment of the Zionist state, saying Judaism is anti Zionist. Rabbi V. Soloveichik said, “The Zionists have attacked the centre point of Judaism.” 

Though we hear all sorts of condemnation but they are all vocal, they never change the harrowing reality, which allows such crimes to be repeatedly committed. The Zionists have always managed to come up with the most aggressive weapon that would inflict the worst suffering on the Palestinians especially the children. As facts speak for themselves, the Jewish newspaper (Haratez) reported that 305 Palestinian children have been deliberately infected with the Aids virus in Israeli hospitals in January 1997. 
Though we try very hard to understand the effects of political conflicts and the hatred of Israelis towards the Palestinians, we fail to comprehend how could any human being come up with such cruel strategies of annihilation. Such an attitude reminds us of the core nature of the nazi regime that had its own technique of destroying others. Details will be found in Arabic language in and its translation in the free Arab voice,

Infected Blood
Zionist desire to wipe out the Palestinians has no boundaries, as the Israeli
conspiracies find different ways of passing their death decree on the innocent.
It was found through the secretary general of the Australian chamber of commerce
who informed the Arab League representative in Vienna, ambassador Samir Hamza,
that an Australian company called Alpovina export infected blood to the Arab and
Muslim countries. When investigated by the Australian authorities they found that
Israel exported blood infected with hepatitis B, Biliharzia, and Aids Virus. This
has caused an unprecedented outrage amongst doctors in Egypt. As Dr Hussien
hamuda, head of the authority at the Arab league, said to Ruz al Yusuf daily:
“There are quantities of blood and plasma tainted with viruses and diseases were
prepared for export to a number of Arab states,” (extracted from Khaled Marwan’s

Expired Food
Another Palestinian Official resources reported in 1999 that expired food was sent to Palestine. Nidal Sadaqa, Director of the Palestinian food supplies Department for the Jerusalem area, said to the Palestine- Israel economics that “expired food supplies marked with the Israeli army stamp have been found in the markets of East Jerusalem after they were given a new casing to cover their real origin.” He confirmed that the list of expired food products included powdered milk, canned food, fish, cleaning materials and insect killers. 

The Israeli criminal records never cease to shock us, bombarding innocent children, armless people, destroying their lands and houses, imposing blockades against them, massacring a whole nation, shattering its future has all become a very common crime in Israel that is no more highlighted. It seems that witnessing all the Israeli atrocities through satellite screens has caused a great numbness in the world and made the Zionists more thirsty for more blood.

This time a more devious genocide, it is method of killing traps and deceives their childhood by sending poisoned chocolate and explosive toys. That child who is like all other children in the world wants and desires a peaceful life, free of humiliation and subjugation. That is what half a million of Palestinian children said last November when they signed the petition while gathering near the office of the UN in Gaza. This petition was sent to every living Conscience that believes in the freedom of man and his rights, governments and International agencies. If their voices had been heard thousands of innocent souls could have been saved allowing many other children to dream of a peaceful glimpse of the sunrise.
The fear in their hearts is simmering as they have seen nothing but blood, ripped bodies, beatings and torture inflicted on them and their families. While their instincts scream for help knowing that death will follow them like their own shadow, their eyes gaze constantly asking how long will justice be muted.

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