Okrogla miza, intervju ali pogovor
28. 6. 2015 - 12.00

The yearly refugee day was marked in Slovenia on the 19th of June 2015 at the popular Prešeren squire, the event was attended by important dignitaries which included the refugees themselves. The event was celebrated with different entertaining performances by the Refugees and other kind hearted people who came around to make the event a colorful one, Music,art,football,African Drumming -etc. 

On this Sunday Sunrise Africa show,we will be discoursing  about:

* Why do people seek refuge in other countries?

* Are refugees treated rightfully by the necessary authorities in Slovenia?

* How do you qualify to be granted a refugee protection status?

* Does the ordinary citizens of Slovenia truly understands- what it is to be a refugee?

* How best can Refugees be integrated sincerely into the Slovenian State?


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glasba v oddaji je grozna in naredi celo zadevo neposlušljivo. škoda. take vrste poden komerciala na študenta ne spada. ne slovenska, ne kitajska, ne nigerijska, ne ganska.


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