Dimni signali 17

23. 9. 2017 - 22.00

Zaradi službene odsotnosti tokrat samo mixtape.

01. Roberto De Simone - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie
02. Aaron Dilloway - Switch
03. Gabriel Soloman - What Belongs To You
04. Daniel Higgs - Surrender to Love
05. Sun Foot - There’s a Chain
06. Kaleidoscope - Cloud Control I
07. Kaleidoscope - Cloud Control II
08. Mort Garson - Ode fo an African Violet
09. Roe Enney - Combat Anonymous
10. Everyday Loneliness - Pretender

Na sliki:
The Lagos armoury explosion was the accidental detonation of a large stock of military high explosives at a storage facility in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, on 27 January 2002. The fires created by the debris from this explosion burnt down a large section of Northern Lagos, and created a panic that spread to other areas. As people fled the flames, many stumbled into a concealed canal and drowned. The explosion and its aftermath are believed to have killed at least 1,100 people and displaced over 20,000, with many thousands injured or homeless. The government of Nigeria launched an enquiry, which blamed the Nigerian Army for failing to properly maintain the base, or to decommission it when instructed to do so in 2001.

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