Dimni signali 28

10. 3. 2018 - 22.00

01. Mark Renner — Riverside 
02. Mark Renner — Few Traces 
03. Mark Renner — It Might Have Been 
04. Pendant - VVQ-SSJ 
05. Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Clock 
06. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Falling Curtain 
07. Hevel - In Springtime 
08. Hevel - Throw Me High 
09. Pendant - IBX-BZC 

Na sliki:
The Mann Gulch Fire was a wildfire reported on August 5, 1949 in a gulch located along the upper Missouri River in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness, Helena National Forest, in the state of Montana in the United States. A team of 15 smokejumpersparachuted into the area on the afternoon of August 5, 1949 to fight the fire, rendezvousing with a former smokejumper who was employed as a fire guard at the nearby campground. As the team approached the fire to begin fighting it, unexpected high winds caused the fire to suddenly expand, cutting off the men's route and forcing them back uphill. During the next few minutes, a "blow-up" of the fire covered 3,000 acres (1,200 ha) in ten minutes, claiming the lives of 13 firefighters, including 12 of the smokejumpers. Only three of the smokejumpers survived. The fire would continue for five more days before being controlled.

The United States Forest Service drew lessons from the tragedy of the Mann Gulch Fire by designing new training techniques and safety measures that developed how the agency approached wildfire suppression. The agency also increased emphasis on fire research and the science of fire behavior.

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