Do The Right Thing!

11. 3. 2013 - 21.00

"We are the last.
The last generation to be unaugmented.
The last generation to be intellectually alone.
The last generation to be limited by our bodies.
We are the first.
The first generation to be augmented.
The first generation to be intellectually together.
The first generation to be limited only by our imaginations

Ray Kurzweil - The Singularity Is Near

Erin McKimm - Bee Tree (Slowed 2x)
Tlaotlon - Oudimma
Vereker - Fear Eats The Soul (forthcoming L.I.E.S.)
TX Connect - House Of Confusion (Extended Edit)
Jeremih - All The Time (Funkystepz Bass Mix)
Footsie - Just Know Dat
Spooky - Coolie Joyride
Rustie - Slasherr (forthcoming Numbers)
Karriem Riggins - Alto Flute
Rachel Haircut - Flower Clap
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Small Victories (forthcoming Exit Records)
The Present - Sunbeam (Tshetsha Boys Remix)
FreshMooN & DJ Rashad - WTF!! (unreleased)
DJ Rashad - Rollin (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Deadboy - Nova (forthcoming Numbers)
The Soft Moon - sdnE tI


"The revolutionary counterpoint to the giant stage shows of the previous decade was the low-profile, non-stage appearance of the techno producer in the early nineties. The equipment became smaller and the distance between performer and audience became smaller too. I remember nights in Berlin clubs at this time, where I spent my time watching guys operating a Roland TR-808 drum computer, or muting patterns on a mixer or in their sequencers on their Atari computers. The music was rough, and its structure was simple enough to be decodable as the direct result of actions taken by the performers. Ecstatic moments, created using inexpensive and simple to operate equipment, right in amongst the audience. Obscure enough to be fascinating, but at the same time an open book to read for those interested.

It's the tragic effect of history that these moments come to an end, driven by the same forces enabling them in the first place. Computers became cheaper and more powerful, and more and more complex functions could be carried out hidden in a small box...

Fame puts the performer on stage, away from the audience. Miniaturisation puts the orchestra inside the laptop. Fame plus miniaturisation works effectively as a performance killer."

Robert Henke - Live Performance in the Age of Supercomputing

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jo, cigav je ta remix od fuck you all the time?

a evo, poslusu naprej, sori

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