Enter the pain and dance

Enter the pain and dance

30. 9. 2016 - 20.00


"Our hearts are coral reefs in low tide. Love is the ocean we crave. Restlessly turning around and around. I am dancing towards transformation"

dBridge- I'm Feeling Cold

Chimpo- Suga Rush

Chimpo- Bedsprings Riddim

Clarity- The Fog

Source Direct- The Cult (2016 Remaster)

Homemade Weapons- Beowulf

Chimpo- Ram Dance Man (feat. Trigga & Fox)

Fixate- Bandicoot

LSB- Missing You (feat. DRS & Tyler Daley)

Dom & Roland- Inna Soul

Dom & Roland- Sirens Song (Feat. Robert Manos)

Gremlinz & Jesta- The Axe

Gerra & Stone- Plates (Blocks & Escher Rmx)

Dom & Roland- DMT (Feat. Hive)

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à un rocher, comme à un pêche
Je suis accrochée

On't forget about me


know, dearest, if this body of mine can fulfil that wish of ours, draining us ...

And sound
And old midnight comes around

you round the table, I wanna touch your head

Our trust buried inside, somewhere

In the flame of illusion, masked in the clay of behavior...

And there's no map
And a compass wouldn't help at all

I don't need no money
As long as I keep dancing

moon and you appear to be

on, dance on my heart suit your feet


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