merry christmas & happy new debt

merry christmas & happy new debt

25. 12. 2015 - 20.00



Yeah you do. Yeah, you do. With the crackling fires and the decadent roast meats and the chocolate for breakfast and the trifle for brunch and the alcohol and the alcohol and the log fires and the squidgy sofas and the family films and the late nights and the racist uncles and the endless WhatsApp groups with all your bored mates at home and the looming dread of New Year's Eve and that weird stiff feeling you get on the 28th when you realised you haven't significantly moved for four days and your mum getting worried about the bins and your dad getting close to an emotion when red-nosed on whisky and the dog getting a present and you getting a present and everyone getting presents that you got them, and liking them: you love it. Christmas is great, December is great. Festive drinkies are terrible but you'll endure. You love it, you love Christmas. Make the most of it.




... some of the tunes I enjoyed in 2k15:

Alessandro Cortini- La Via

Stanislav Tolkachev- In The Rays Of The Artificial Sun

The Galleria- Calling Card

Morphology- Plankton

Jack J- Thirstin'

Fit Sound- Carmine

Romans- Delmenium

Sparky- Signals

Answer Code Request- Calm Down

Truss- Kymin Lea

Asusu- Serra

Pev & Kowton- Low Strobe

Logos & Mumdance- Hall of Mirrors

Minimum Syndicat- Antiworlds

Demdike Stare- Patchwork

Watt Noize - Its My Life (Max D Edit)





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Oww yiii

dobra glasba odličen pregled sezone

uvodni komad se je super posinkal s smrekcami :) - The Latest Debt & Finance News
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