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28. 9. 2013 - 23.00

* naslovnica in kontekst / Klavdija Jeršinovec


"During the scale’s design process, particular emphasis is placed on the requirement of obtaining maximal sensory consonance. For this reason, an in-depth discussion of the theories regarding consonance perception is undertaken. During this discussion, the reader’s attention is drawn to the difference between musical and perceptual consonance, and a discussion of the developmental history of musical consonance is given. Lastly, the scale is tested to see whether it complies with the requirements for successful scales."



David Yow - Tonight You Look Like a Spider
FOODMAN - soba sick
FOODMAN - somen de don!
FOODMAN - TEKUNO (excerpt)
Howard Stelzer - Two Faces Turned Toward the Sun
Population One - The Rewriting Of An Expression Into A Simpler Form B2
Kevin Drumm and Jason Lescalleet - Invisible
Population One - The Rewriting Of An Expression Into A Simpler Form B1
/ Chubby Wolf - Envelope Petals (Remix By Billy Gomberg)
Helm - The Haze
BRGSTime - Koščki stare celine (solo II) LINK
/ Rale - 2.
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