can hula hoop and play the trumpet

10. 8. 2013 - 23.00

* podobe in kontekst / Klavdija Jeršinovec


"Who has sore ankles? Athletic people. Why? Because they’re out doing athletic stuff. What does athletic stuff do to your muscles? It builds them. And what can you do with muscles? Dig big holes to put pools into. However, if someone has sore ankles, which muscles was he or she building? The leg kind. And which kind of muscles do you use to wield a shovel? The arm kind. 

Now, one final question: which kinds of holes don’t require any digging at all on your part? The kinds made by the bombs that get dropped when the world comes unglued.woot




Hobo Cubes - Water Body
Steven Tang - It's Perceived As Sound
Special Request - Capsules (Lee Gamble Remix)
Wanda Group - We Held Our Balance
Beer Damage - Major Ozone
Hobo Cubes - Saturn Discovery (RA)
Francis Harris - Pharoah In The Morning (Black Light Smoke Over The Pyramid Mix)
Tuff Sherm - Drakkhen & Bley
Tuff Sherm - Burglar Loops
Eric Copeland - Masterbater
Omnije - Recycle Me


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