instruments such as rhythm

18. 8. 2012 - 23.00

"The drawings of __________ resemble complex musical scores for unheard rhythms..."

"...scattered and disintegrated as our reception of __________ in general. This is not too bad at all. My inner __________ was even set to another contrasting speed..." silent listening

"...A __________ aspect, sometimes called a neutral, generic or universal aspect or tense, is a __________ aspect that expresses general truths or aphorisms—such as birds fly, sugar is sweet, a mother can always tell. It is one example of imperfective aspect, which does not view an event as a single entity viewed only as a whole, but instead specifies something about its internal temporal structure." wiki



Actress - Shadow From Tartarus
Gobby - /U\
Theo Parrish - Beat This
Gobby - Blankface ATM
Theo Parrish - Any Other Styles long
Gobby - Viewing HRS (Zzz) @ 33rpm
Diamond Terrifier - Adamantine
Mykki Blanco - Betty Rubble
Seekersinternational - Yardflex A
Seekersinternational - Yardflex B


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