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They had now reached the point where, if anyone stopped to listen to their schemes without laughing, they, instead of being pleased by it, would dart them terrible sidelong looks, not so much of suspicion as of hatred. For the derision of others was by this time the very air in which their dream lived and breathed; take the derision away, and they ran the risk of suffocating.











































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06. FńęTheproducer  -  Zues x @FneThe_Prod x @Mg Burto #battleclub #STXRS

07. FKOFF1963  -  REPLICA

08. Lil Texas  -  Heavy Mad

09. Natcase  -  Aw

10. Windowshopping  -  Nier Synopsis [VERY Rough Sketch Vers.] (2021)

11. Dj Warzone  -  Garden Of Delights [CLLCTV-VA#6]

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