Kassel Jaeger: Shifted in Dreams

Recenzija izdelka
18. 3. 2023 - 19.00

Shelter Press, 2023


»The music to come adopts a perspective of a music driven by experience and by the phenomenon of sound, not by determinisms of an approach that subsumes the appearing of music into a network of structures and systems. There is something immediate in the experience of music. This immediacy has too often been forgotten because the protocol for generating music cannot be immediate. It is always a product of a chain of events. We must, however, observe a break between music production and musical 'donation'. The music to come appears to the listener as a phenomenon. Where musique concrète separated the sound material from cause, it is now necessary to introduce a further break, separating it from formal and structural causality, which constitute extra-musical information that sets the experience of the phenomenon at a distance, masking music from itself.« François J. Bonnet 'The Music To Come' (english edition)


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