OM 30 - Bolesław Wawrzyn / Michał Turowski /

1. 12. 2014 - 23.00

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* Michał Turowski

*Boleslaw Wawrzyn - "hates when we try to call him an artist because as he repeats continually "artists, they are in galleries." During every conversation he always emphasized that he is "only a bored, retired miner". One day, by chance at a railway station he bought a book on the broad aspects of parapsychology. He read there about the phenomenon of Kirlian photography. According to people who work on that subject, it allows you to register the aura of a living being on a film. Under the influence of that book, he began to wonder about the aura of leaves and trees. What they would tell us, what they would like to share with us, if they could?


After some time, armed with a MiniDisc he started to capture sounds of surrounding forests and record nature. Basically, he listened to trees and silence. After some time, the idea evolved and places of executions and suffering were recorded. MiniDisc was replaced by equipment of a slightly better class, and forests gave way to sites where plants and monumental trees standing for many years are often the only remaining witnesses to the atrocities that had occurred there. The witnesses most exact, who saw everything and everybody that was there to be seen...

On the other hand we also find in his record archives some of military cemeteries, where unidentified soldiers often rest. For Boleslaw these places are the most charged with mysticism. Being in touch with flora, which - to put it the most brutally and figuratively - grew out of the dead martyrs’ ashes. The tragedy of their deaths gave a new beginning to roots.

Since 2009 Boleslaw has recorded several hours of audio material from various concentration camps, sites of mass executions, forest graves, war cemeteries. Deprived of good microphones or any special preparation - he just goes to a specific place and records shorter or longer fragments of the environment. A unique attempt to capture impossible, to describe aura of unexplained anxiety. In this silence life still goes on - from insects and plants to passing away cars. And everyone breathes the same air. The air, where unsolved, profound mystery is hanging." (


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