Show 898: Machines Making Machines Machines Making Machines by Philip Curach for Diffusion 107

23. 6. 2022 - 22.30

Machines Making Machines started four years ago as a daily exercise in journalistic sonic recordings. Tracks were actualised using both analogue and digital synthesizers and a variety of effects pedals. Created as single-take improvised happenings with minimal editing and mixing done live, each track was then uploaded as a personal online record.
Recording sessions have now metamorphosised. Tracks are still created under an improvised meditative state though are now revisited and refined with a reflective consideration on the initial intent. Drawing heavily from the ability of sound to induce imagery, tracks begun to take on a Four-Act Structure akin to storytelling.
A curated merging of tracks, both old and new, this piece is best considered as a ritualistic undertaking transporting the listener. The work explores textures and tonalities of both abrasive industrial percussive sounds cogitating a claustrophobic surreality, contrasted to ethereal symphonic states of saudade.

Track list:
1. MFGS 0:27
2. DFM10 5:24
3. DFM Part I 5:42
4. MFACPTN 9:18
5. MFPNP 13:54
6. DFM_RSBT 17:20
7. GMNRSY 20:34
8. MFFDD 21:19

Turn the lights down low, and the volume up loud.

. . .

A special Thank you to Jon Panther, Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson and Katie Ring.

. . .

Machines Making Machines Making Machines Making Machines Making Machines


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