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How to Become Homecoming King

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Becoming Homecoming King is always an honor, and being crowned is a great feeling. Getting the most votes is a matter of name-recognition and public perception, just like student council elections. You do not necessarily have to run a campaign, but you should make an effort to start early. Make sure everyone knows about your bid for King, and create a positive public image for yourself.

Starting Early

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Start in the summer. If possible, you should begin planning your bid in the summertime, since you will have more time on your hands. Make fliers and posters, and talk to your friends about possible strategies.

This can be fun. Make funny photoshopped pictures and memes and share them with your friends. Think about funny ways to distribute fliers or places to put posters.
Use the summer as an opportunity to branch out a little bit. Participate in activities that might bring your into contact with new people. Go to the library, go to concerts, and go to local parks.

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Mention your bid early on. Tell all your friends that you want to become Homecoming King. Try to tell your acquaintances as well. Be confident in your statements. if you are unsure about whether or not you should be king, other people will be unsure as well.

Don’t ask people if they will vote for you. Say, “I’m trying to be Homecoming King this year”. You should be making a statement, not asking a question.
Remember to tell your teachers as well. If some of your teachers are the key decision-makers in deciding who gets nominated, tell them first.

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Any ideas of how a white englishman with no royal connections could become king?

posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 12:51 PM
Find some oil or start a bank. 

I mean, the world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. 

posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by RomeByFire 

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posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 12:53 PM
Oh easily just wait for kate middleton and her husband to have a child. 

You do recall Kate Middleton is a commoner .. with no ties immediately to royality or banks etc. 

The royals do marry a commoners and that's the way you can become king - go for it!

posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by FreedomEntered 

So long as it is a woman that woudl work. But if a male then that would be bad: I would not like to take it up thr Gary glitter every day, as I am not an etonian and I went to a state school. 

Maybe it would be best to invade somwhere.?



[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 3]
Figure out the nomination process. Sometimes committees are in charge of creating and collecting ballots. Sometimes this is the yearbook club, but it could also be your student council. Leave no doubt in their minds about whether or not you are trying to become king.

You can try to befriend the committee members, but this is not necessary. If it is too aggressive and sudden, it may also seem dishonest.
If you are unsure of what committees are involved, you should ask a member of the yearbook club or a teacher. Make sure to ask early, because there could be a deadline for applying.

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Attend sports games and encourage the football team. Homecoming is a football event, so making an appearance at games is necessary. If you are not on a sports team, make sure that the football team knows that you support them by meeting them after the game.

Befriending football players will not seem like a dishonest political move. Teams often vote together, and they are very protective of their friends.
If you are friends with someone on the team, you can even go as far as to bring the team sports or energy drinks before and after the game.

Gaining Name Recognition

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 5]
Use cheesy trinkets. You can get small footballs, bouncy balls, or plastic toys at a dollar store. Hand them out and say, “Hope you consider voting for me!”

It’s good to get a trinket that you can put your name on. Some craft stores sell do-it-yourself kits where you get blank buttons. [1] You can fill these buttons with a simple message about your bid for Homecoming King.
You can also pass out fliers. Full page fliers are clumsy, and should only be put up around the school. However, small fliers are easy to keep. Print out four fliers to a page and cut them out. Hand them out with your trinkets. People may get rid of them, but all they have to see is your name.

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 6]
Ask people in person. Ask people in classes, in the lunch room, after school, and on the bus. Be friendly, not pushy. Say, “I hope you consider voting for me”.

Most people do not take voting for Homecoming very seriously. Just asking them in person will put the idea in their heads, which may be enough to convince them when they cast their vote.
Ask a social studies teacher if you can make announcements in their classes. Frame it as a political experiment by making a speech. They might be more willing to accept it if you can somehow connect it to your lessons.

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 7]
Set up in the cafeteria with a poster and hand out candy. Don’t demand a vote in exchange for your candy. When people ask you why you’re giving them candy, say, “I’d like to be Homecoming King, but I don’t expect people to vote for me for free!”

If your school doesn’t allow you to set up in the lunchroom, you can still walk from table to table with a bag of candy and chat with your classmates.
Bring stickers or pins with your name on them. Hand them out along with the candy. People don’t have to take them, but they most likely won’t give them back.

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 8]
Use social media. [2] Enlist your friends to post about you. Photos always get more likes, so have someone take a photo of you. Ask them to post it with a caption about how they’re voting for you.

Pictures with animals are always very popular. If you don’t have a pet of your own, ask to take a picture with a friend’s pet. You can also do something drastic, like going to a petting zoo for your photo op.
Use a photo where you are smiling, doing something fun, or something silly. A funny self-deprecating photo can be good.

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 9]
Write a joke article. Talk about your “loyal subjects”, your love of country, and all the battles that your “kingdom” has won. This can be accompanied by a picture of you photoshopped into a crown and cape. You can submit this to your school paper, but you can also circulate it yourself.

The Onion is a good model for joke articles.[3] Make fun of yourself so that you come across as self-deprecating and funny, rather than arrogant.
You can also ask the school paper if you can put out ads for yourself as well. Some school papers will allow you to pay for ad space or sponsor their articles.

Creating Positive Opinion

You can't become a King by marrying a Queen, at least not anywhere you'd want to be King of. 

Your best bet is to over-throw an existing monarchy, but the chances are the government and military of any country you decide to assault won't accept you as the new monarch (if you even get that far) and you'll get imprisoned or executed for regicide. 

Read The Prince by Machiavelli before you do anything else.
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For the best answers, search on this site 

A king is a prince first...the son of a king. When the king dies, his son becomes king or his daughter can become queen.
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[Jess Lai]
You can make your own micronation, make an artificial island somewhere in the middle of the sea and have followers call your nation their homeland. If you make an industry and commercial sector on the island, you can apply to be acknowledged by the UN. Just don't put your island some place where another country already have a claim on. You'll get invaded very quickly.


[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 10]
Convince people that homecoming is not just a popularity contest. [4] If you are involved with service work, take the opportunity to talk about volunteering. If you are not already involved in service work, don’t worry. You can start a new project, like volunteering at a food bank or nursing home. [5] Your health teacher may have an idea of places you can volunteer.

Set up a table in the cafeteria in a central location, or a location that people pass through. Call them over and say, “Hi, can I talk to you about helping out the community?”
Talk about your service opportunities. Then finish by saying, “I hope you consider volunteering with me and voting for me for Homecoming King!”

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 11]
Seek out people in multiple social circles or cliques. If you have a big social circle, don’t forget about other social groups. Don’t abandon your friends, but sit with new people in the lunchroom and during free periods once or twice a week. Make sure to talk to people you don’t usually talk to.

It is not necessary to mention your bid for Homecoming King. Listen to what other people have to say, and enjoy getting to know different kinds of people. You may even make new friends.

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Take on responsibilities during school pride week. Most schools have a week of school pride leading up to Homecoming. Make sure people know that you love your school by participating in as many of the events as possible.

If possible, take on responsibilities when organizing events.
Usually there is some element of dressing up on each day of pride week. Coordinate fun or funny outfits with friends and classmates.
Encourage as many people as possible to participate in pride week with you.

[Image titled Become Homecoming King Step 13]
Stay in contact with multiple people and cliques. Studies show that people who have central roles in communication between groups are considered more popular. Even if people seem less likable than others, they are considered more popular if they are vital to decision making processes. [6]

Try to choose activities that require you to communicate with people one-on-one. Organizing a barbeque or a party is a good way to talk to many people at once. If you are the one organizing it, lots of people will need to come to you for details.
Don’t be exclusionary. The point is to create a voting base that is as broad as possible.

Community Q&A

How old do I have to be to be a king?
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Community Answer
It depends on the school you go to. Check with the administration office for your school's age guidelines.

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