Dip in to the sea, to the sea of possibilities

4. 10. 2023 - 23.00

jesenski kolaž enega prehlada

I seize the first possibility, is the sea around me
I was standing there with my legs spread like a sailor
I felt his hand on my knee (On the screen)
And I looked at Johnny and handed him a branch of cold flame (In the heart of man)
The waves were coming in like Arabian stallions
Gradually lapping into sea horses

A warm gesture if nothing else how kind.
That kindness, no matter how grating that concern,
no matter how fleeting that love, no matter how bloodless:
has been noted and isn't that what matters?
That you've been thanked?
Whether or not I even remember your name?

I fell in love with you
But I know, I know that's just a sky
I don't know where, where I go

I spend all night trying to catch your eyes
To see what you felt in-between my thighs

Now that we re one and now that we re high
All I can see is that We have to die
U are inside of me You are so fly
And what we ve become we will take to the sky

I should see something like
Of the last of meaning
Dying words
Why is it?

It gnaws on its own tail
Feeding into and upon itself
Succubus ouroboros
Chewing whole to self ingest
It takes what I can't give
The body betrays itself



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