History of Rog

21. 3. 2016 - 12.00

Perhaps because we gather at Rog and discuss politics, economics, culture and different social issues, we feel attached to this place and want to share as much as we can its importance and impact on Ljubljana and actually even out of Slovenia. We will give you a good example of really successful event that happened two weeks ago on which we were talking about the history of ROG. If you were not able to be present but you would love to get a summary from a meeting which managed to gather so many people, then … actually you don`t have a real choice because this is what we are going to do in the next half an hour - we will bring you some of the points discussed in our gathering about ROG, we will narrate you its story, we will describe the activities that are going on there, and most importantly we will expose the current plan of the municipality of Ljubljana (that is, the MOL) to demolish it.

Welcome to listen to the stories we collect from people working in Rog. And very welcome to the 10th anniversary, you can check the program here.

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