Alarma v.051

Alarma v.051

31. 7. 2017 - 22:00
 / Alarma

"Dahl has been outfitting the defenders of freedom for over a century, and isn't about to stop anytime soon. We've built our company on the foundation that dead customers can't be repeat customers - keeping you alive is in our best interest! We also know that those of you doing the government's secret dirty work have enough to contend with and don't need to fight your weapon, too. That's why we at Dahl have strived to manufacture the smoothest and most stable guns on the market. And when you get surrounded - and you will - you'll be glad to know your Dahl has been precision machined to remain as accurate during sustained fire as humanly possible. So make sure you bring a Dahl with you the next time you go on assignment. It just might bring you back."


Dave - Tequila
Not3s - Aladdin
67 - Money Spree
Chxpo - Full Time Killas
Freeverse - Hexagon Spinner
Money Man - How It Feel
Popcaan - Bad Yuh Bad

Illum Sphere - The Journey (Gavsborg (Equiknoxx) Remix)
Jarreau Vandal - Chamber of Alcohol (Vandalized Edit)
Blastah - Too Many Years
Orlando - Cyaa Done feat. Nemesis
Hitmakerchinx - Are You Hitmakerchinx
ETM - Gun
D Malice - Gabryelle (OMAAR Reboot)
Lokane - Body Double VIP

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