3. 2. 2014 - 22.00

''Moments after spawning, before I’ve even collected a single item, I encounter three heavily armed players on a beach. They tell me to put my hands up, then to kneel and not to move. They handcuff me and collect blood from me. Then one shoots me in the back of the head.

This image is the moment of my death: you can see the shell casing from the rifle shot as I’m executed.''


Jim Williams - Two Question
Terrence Dixon - Ships In Fog
? - ?
El Mahdy Jr. & XJ - Peugeot 504 (Gulls Mix)
Mika Vainio - Load
Death Comet Crew - Galacticoast (Gifted & Blessed Remix)
Andrew Ashong - Love The Way
Mdou Moctar - Afelan
Seixlack - Seu Lugar e o Cemiterio
? - ?
Darc Mind - Visions Of A Blur
Tiny Hearts - Stay
Urban Jungle - Back In The Daze (Dub Plate)


''It encourages people to want as much as they can get their hands on - including free MP3 files - with no willingness or ability to share in constructive ways. By “constructive,” I mean sharing in ways that amount to more than giving other people more junk to collect. It means sharing in terms of experience and interaction - not commodity exchange. Access means nothing if people have no tools for understanding how that access relates to power and domination. It means even less if the social processes one enacts for access mean replicating the very dominations one wishes to overcome.''

DJ Sprinkles

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