21. 4. 2021 - 23.00

Kittens are evil.

Yes, Neptunian Maximalism.

Who is Sue? And is she suing?

Gave in while listening to Body Void. Usually I am not drinking alone, but I am not really alone, am I? ❤❤❤

Aaron Turner, Acid Rooster, Algiers, Alora Crucible, Amulets, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Astrosoniq, Autarkh, Autarkh III, Bada, Blanck Mass, Blessings, Blodet, Body Void, Briqueville, Crown, Dawn Ray'd, Dead Neanderthals, Death Bells, DeWolff, Die Wilde Jagd, Dirk Serries, Doctors of Space, Doodwens, Drowse, Dust Mountain, Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou, Emptiness, Gallops, Hand Model, GOLD, Hante., Haunted Plasma, Hexvessel, Inter Arma, Iterum Nata, Jo Quail, Johan G. Wither, Jonathan Hulten, Kairon; IRSE!, Kayo Dot, Knoll, LLNN, Lustmord & Karin Park, Maggot Heart, Many Blessings, Midwife, Might, Mizmor, Nadja, Neptunian Maximalism, Nero di Marte, Noctule, Obsidian Kingdom, Of Blood and Mercury, Of Wolves, Offermose, Oslo Tapes, Plague Organ, Polymoon, Primitive Man, Psychonaut, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Sâver, SOM, Solar Temple, Spill Gold, Steve Von Till, Sula Bassana, Sunrot, Talea Jacta meets Electric Moon, TAU, TDC INC., Territoire, Tesa, The Devil's Trade, The Nest, The Ocean, The Songs of Townes Van Zandt, Thy Catafalque, Trialogos, Wayfarer, Wesenvwlle, Witch Mountain, Wolf King, Wolvennest, Wolves In The Condo, Year of No Light

omg, did you see Wayfarer

no wait, I am just watching incredible TAU again

gosh, I can't stop rewatching Jonathan, we don't deserve him




For anyone interested in a "final send off". Over in the chat on the Redux website, we currently have the plan to all watch the Townes van Zandt cover done by Amenra at 23:55 CET. Join us 😃

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Prazen radio ne stoji pokonci! Podpri RŠ in omogoči produkcijo alternativnih, kritičnih in neodvisnih vsebin.


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