Hypersonic / Hyperstitions

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Tokratni Stroji napovedujejo 11. številko revije Šum, ki bo pospremila razstavo Marka Peljhana Here we go again…System 317 v slovenskem paviljonu na beneškem Bienalu.

Introducing the upcoming Šum #11, which will accompany Marko Peljhan’s exhibition Here we go again...System 317  in the Slovenian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The official launch will take place on the 8th of May.

Tomažin: "Oh, Lord, what were all these thoughts, thick as a spider’s web, devious as Theseus? What was I in this game? The spider or the fly? Was I either? What form would I occupy next? I had to close my eyes. The firmament was soon to emerge."

Negarestani: "But when the survival or reproduction-oriented interests of the organism are piqued, this self-identification undergoes a drastic change and is destabilized. The predator identifies itself with the prey. It becomes the prey itself so as to successfully complete the hunt with maximum efficiency."

Berger & Rogan: "Brenner warned that the Russian permafrost was 'a veritable melting pot for incredibly dangerous pathogens, those both known and unknown'. Brenner goes on to suggest that because of the positioning of the Yamal Peninsula as an international hub for the shipping industry, the situation 'is nothing short of a looming catastrophe'."

Artwork: Kladnik & Neon

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